February 29, 2008

rain on my parade...sort of

We made if to about 3pm at Martinborough fair before the skies opened on us, and we called it a day.

And i'm not sure if i'm ready to call it a success. We did meet heaps of cool people, our stuff was well received (we had some great feedback on our photography), it was pretty relaxing. But, considering what we came away with, i think Martinborough just doesn't have quite our target market wandering around. Looking at some of the other stall that I loved, i have a suspicion that they walked away from today thinking the same.

Here's hoping for Newtown fair tomorrow - if only it would stop bloody raining. Why, Wellington, must you be gloriously sunny all week when i'm stuck at work and then turn the taps on full on the weekend?

It's all good for the farmers though, I guess.

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