March 3, 2008

the markets in four seasons

We had the most incredible weekend - Newtown Fair was the best fun i'd had in ages. Though I would have loved to be one of the people walking around checking out all the gigs, the stalls and the food, it was just as fantastic to be on the other side - meeting heaps of great people, having a boogie to the batucada band as they went down the street, being buffeted by the smell of the curry stall right next to us. Not sure how i managed to stop myself from buying anything from the second hand stalls on our other side - one of them had four MASSIVE boxes of fabric - i was gutted that i just didn't have time to crouch down and rummage.

but great fun was had by all. Thanks to everyone who came and chatted, you made our day.

I still don't know where my camera cable is (three weeks after moving in!). I do promise to get some photos up soon.

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