March 1, 2009


When in doubt, reference Lewis Carroll. 

I'm off tonight, and decided to also say au revoir to iffycraft.

You can find me over here for knitty-ness or here for some London fun times.

February 23, 2009

Cuba Street Carnival was friggin incredible. 

I'm not going to go crazy on it here, so jump over here instead to see how OutdoorKnit rocked the place. Oh yeah.

Yesterday i returned to the scene of the crime and then took a wander along the left bank alley. That place has got it going on, graffiti wise at the moment. I can't wait to get to London and spy me some Banksy! 

[this is where there should be some photos. but blogger doesn't want to upload them. boo]

There is now less than a week until i head off. If i had a dollar for every time i'm asked if i'm excited, i'd have enough for the flight home by now. Yep, i'm excited. But all the excitement is for things i'll be doing this week before i go, rather than the leaving itself. There are so many amazing people in Wellington (and the rest of NZ) that i will miss enormously. So it's lucky we've got the interwebs to keep us all connected, right?

I think i'm ready. I'm sewing a jacket and a high-waisted skirt, i have quite a bit of knitting to get done, and i have to decide if i take any of my sewing tools with me. Do i take my sewing scissors, for example. I have lots of people to see and farewell - not that i'm keen on the farewell bit. Might live in denial sometime longer and just say, see you later. Cos i will. See you all later...

February 10, 2009

I am a very bad blogger. I apologise. 

As time is now a bit precious, i've decided to list most of my fabric on dirty old trademe. Yuck. But had to be done, i suppose. My listings can be found here, should you be interested. More will be added later tonight.

Two and a half weeks to go and am starting to get the freak out happening. The fact one of my dearest friends has taken the afternoon of my arrival off so he can meet me at the airport means the excitement is now balanced with the freaking. 

And OutdoorKnit organisation has become a part-time job, with organising London taking up the rest of my time. Which reminds me... i was going to research snowboarding in Scotland...

February 3, 2009

The one where I out myself...

I am half of the Wellington graffiti knit crew, OutdoorKnit.

And we're going to be at the Cuba Street Carnival! yay! For more info, go here.

And apologies for not keeping on with the fabric sale thingy - i'm plodding my way through the most hard core job application i have ever had the pleasure of completing. But it's not complete. Oh well, I have until 5am NZ time to finish it. Not sure of my chances, but no harm in trying, right? And I need all the practice i can get. 

Don't mind me while i swear and whinge about how my mac is currently refusing to have any sort of consistent net connection. I think it hates me because somehow it found out that i sold it. boo.

January 31, 2009

Woops, missed a day on the great fabric fire sale. Never fear, another day is here!

So above are three cottons - the one in the top right hand corner is quite light, and the other two are quilting/craft weight. Now because i'm lazy i haven't measured them. They're not huge, but they're not tiny either. Again, $5 plus p&p (about a dollar, i'd guess). email me at tashbarneveld at hotmail dot com if you're keen. The spotties from the other day are still available too.

You may remember my ranting about how crappy my year was last year. It was crap. I'm now all focussed on the future, and making the most of all opportunities. Which involves, of course, reading my horoscope and ignoring all the ones which are bad or i don't like.

I haven't had reason to ignore many, in fact i've pulled a few out of the paper just because they've been so good. (nikki, these are all yours too!)

Here's a selection:

Today's, on msn:
Don't let things bother you, dear Sagittarius. Have confidence that you are on the right track...

hmm i seem to have lost one of them. oops. oh well.

Here's my 2009 one from the Sunday Star Times:

'...2009 represents the first year of an astonishing climb. You could be the next Bill Gates. It's all possible now.'

How appropriate. I wonder if I should try get a job at Microsoft...or at least finish filling in the London job applications i've got...

January 29, 2009

it's a fire...SALE

I was procrastinating from taking photos and putting all my bits and pieces up on trademe (what a drag) and had a brainwave - so you all get first dibs!

So, this is the plan:

Each day, for as many days as it takes, I will put up an item for sale, right here. Should said item take your fancy, email me at tashbarneveldathotmaildotcom and the first person who puts their hand up, wins. I'll then correspond with the winner, and we can do the whole money deposit/detail exchange thing.

Each photo will be accompanied by measurements, fabric type, and a price. To make it fun, days will be picked at random for the fabric to be free! yep, FREE!  

Of course i'm all into sharing so let all your friends know...bloggy and otherwise.

so...first up:

large blue spots: 57cm x 45cm, 100% cotton (is a quilting weight cotton)

lavender gingham: 24cm x 100cm, poly cotton (light weight)

pale pink with white spots: an odd, odd shape - one section 26cm x 35cm, another section 50cm x 60cm, is a cotton mix, and one side is brushed. Is about the same weight as the blue spots, but softer. Has a few small marks but should wash out. Is vintage - i remember it from when i was about 8!

Sale price: $5 plus postage (about a dollar)

January 28, 2009

How hilarious is this?

I almost wet myself laughing. Man i hope the food on my flights to London aren't so bad. And my in-flight entertainment better frigging work.

I'm running out of weeks to count down before i leave. I'm down to four and a smidge. I've been ticking things off my list. Today: apply for some jobs and attempt to open a UK bank account. 

I've been in denial of the list though. Instead, i've been procrastinating by inhaling all the Stephanie Plum books. Between me and my mum, we have every single one. 

Don't judge me. They're lurid and bright but they are such good books. I judged my mum when i first saw them lying around on the floor...until i randomly picked one up, read a few pages, and was hooked. 
Obviously now I want to be a bounty hunter. I'll take the Morelli and pass on the bad hair, thanks.

My mum and I used to regularly have conversations about who would play whom should they decide to make movies out of them. The female version of James Bond, i think they should do it. Or at least make a series for tv version. When i first started reading them, i couldn't for the life of me think who would play Lula. For some reason, the casting of Lula is more crucial than the casting of Stephanie. Now, i'm tossing up between Queen Latifah and the woman who plays Dr Bailey on Grey's Anatomy. Or even Missy Elliot. I think Bailey is the winner though. It would be a very different role to the one on Grey's, but she does that 'don't mess with me 'tude' so well.

and then there's the dilemma of Stephanie. She can't be too hot, or too perfect, and needs to be able to act a bit frazzled. Might have to think on that one a bit longer.

I think we came up with Colin Farrell for Morelli. 

hmmm. Time to go start on Seven Up, methinks.