February 29, 2008

rain on my parade...sort of

We made if to about 3pm at Martinborough fair before the skies opened on us, and we called it a day.

And i'm not sure if i'm ready to call it a success. We did meet heaps of cool people, our stuff was well received (we had some great feedback on our photography), it was pretty relaxing. But, considering what we came away with, i think Martinborough just doesn't have quite our target market wandering around. Looking at some of the other stall that I loved, i have a suspicion that they walked away from today thinking the same.

Here's hoping for Newtown fair tomorrow - if only it would stop bloody raining. Why, Wellington, must you be gloriously sunny all week when i'm stuck at work and then turn the taps on full on the weekend?

It's all good for the farmers though, I guess.

February 28, 2008

freaking friday

woohoo, a photo!

I had the foresight to take tomorrow off from work before the crazy early mornings and long days that i'll be having this weekend, and boy am i glad i did. It felt like friday today - slightly crazed, over tired and stressed out which meant i was oddly perky and happy. hmm, weird how that works. The cupcakes someone shouted for morning tea probably contributed.

Work has been seriously busy and 'home' work has been just as bad, making bags for the coming markets.

There have been some great moments this week though - donuts for tim from Pak'n'save, actually seeing some finished products, getting my christmas present from my bro in sydney along with a letter (more on that in another post), being told that someone is starting work in our office next week to help me - this has got to be the best. I'll be able to hawk off all the crap that has building up over the past few weeks that is still technically part of my job but super, super low on the priority list. Those things that need to be done simply to keep the office ticking along nicely. and, err, i'm brushing up a bit of paperwork.

February 23, 2008

ch-ch-ch- changes

Well, i really, really do need to hunt out my camera cable so that I can actually put some pics up on here. It's getting mighty boring looking.

After struggling to decide what to do last night (there were no movies on that we both wanted to see) eventually i just dragged tim out the door and we visited the old Mighty Mighty for some much-needed beverages. From which emerged some very interesting conversation about what we want to do with our lives. The boy struggling with motivation and really is floating along, leading to some contention as i'm such an annoyingly driven focussed person who has to always be doing and can never relax. So he spurted out this idea of his where he wants to go on a training course which would mean moving cities.

I'm not too worried about moving, in fact, i'd be quite happy for a change of scene. There are several things (such a my job) that mean we couldn't do it until next year, but it would be so nice to have some sort of forward focus. I like to know that change is on the horizon and that there will be difference (i'm Saggitarian, i can't help it). So it's actually quite a nice feeling to think that i could maybe write down what i want to achieve this year, in order to carry out some change next year. Is it too early to be thinking of these things? Well, if it means the boy is happy and gets up in the morning excited about life, it's never too early.

February 21, 2008

one of those days...

i couldn't focus, couldn't concentrate on anything. Ate too much crap (morning tea shout was on), didn't go for that much needed run at lunchtime (though no doubt that would have made me feel way better) and felt like i was achieving absolutely nothing. For several reasons I didn't get alot of sleep last night and man did it show today. About all i could manage was a bit of not-much-effort-required work. Like, filing, stuffing envelopes, the boring but mindless stuff. Anything beyond that and my brain would stop functioning.

But this evening has made it a bit better - cabbaging out over a huge glass of wine and then we went to Aunty Mena's vegetarian place up the top of cuba. We were going to haunt the 'fluorescent chinese place' but decided to be different for once and try somewhere new. It was awesome, and super duper cheap. I barely got halfway through my dumpling noodle soup, and the boy's curry had so much flavour. I was fascinated by the lady standing in the back kitchen doorway cutting up and pulling apart cabbages...she had the look of someone so calm and at peace with herself. I wish i'd had a camera with me, so i could capture her...maybe next time.

There were some generally fascinating people around tonight - the lady who crossed the road half way on taranaki street and proceeded to stare oddly at something on the ground, the girl driving the car next to us at the lights squealing that 'oh my god i so just a random text' to the guy next to her who was giving tim big ups and going 'yeahhh red terror!' Ahem. The red terror is the boy's mini. He used to own it once upon a time, sold it to work at Ruapehu for a winter season, always regretted it, and then when it came up on trademe recently he bought it back. Have i talked about this already? well, he didn't ask me about it. So i am still not convinced that we need two cars.

right. sleep time.

February 19, 2008

random randomness

A few random thoughts today (sorry no pics still - i'm working on it)

Is it just me or is the traffic in wellington, especially from the city to the southern suburbs (miramar, kilbirnie) and from those burbs to the bypass, getting craaaaaaaaaaaazy? Every evening, tim picks me up and we go home together, and inevitably get stuck in traffic. Each day it seems to be backed up further...so i suggested to tim he write a letter to Annette King, Minister of Transport, to have a whinge. Which begged the question: What is the root of the problem? I thought he'd say, well, obviously it's the Mt Vic tunnel being only one lane each way. But the 'round the bays' traffic is just as bad, if not worse. So he surprised me by saying, 'look at all those f***ers in the cars by themselves. It's all these people driving with only one person in the car.' And that's totally it. But what can be done, besides enforcing carless days that can combat the problem? Subsidising public transport is one idea, but would Welly's bus system cope? I'd dare say not. The bus drivers at least would become more insuffereable than they already are.

What piqued my curiosity today was, whilst stuck in said traffic, the girls in the hi viz vests giving out pamphets and talking to the motorists stuck in the traffic coming out of the mt vic tunnel going into the bypass. What were they talking to them about? Maybe the boy and i should set up a car pooling thingy and use the same approach - talk to drivers while they're stuck in traffic. Cos i'm not over committed already.

My other thing at the moment is contemplating the use of someone else's work as your own 'art'. A local artist has an exhibition coming up or is currently on (not too sure) and she has photographed the work of local taggers and graffiti artists and is having an exhibition of it. Well, sure she wants to give away copies of the images to any of those responsible that come forward, but is it really her right to use the images for her own gain in the first place?

I must admit here that some of the images the boy and i use for cards are of graffiti. My decision in our case was a) the work is all australian (the photos were all taken when in Melbourne) and b) the images rely substantially on our own ability to compose a photograph to give it value. I decided about this time last year that while both the boy and I have taken images of graffiti around town, I would never use them for our own gain. Unless somehow we got in contact with the artist and had explicit permission to do so. That effort would be a bit beyond me.

Having said that, no, i haven't seen the photographs. Maybe i should. And i actually own one of the artist's works. ironic.

After that ranting, i suppose i should mention what craftiness is going down. Mainly bag making, so nothing much exciting really. I am totally in love with my wee haven that is my new sewing room - it is bliss to have my little hidey room where i can be in my own little world. the boy isn't used to it - the other night he came in with a 'oh, so that's where you are' - he'd been looking for me and couldn't figure out where on earth i had gone. brilliant.

February 17, 2008


more apologies for boring and sporadic posts - life is getting the better of me!

I had a cranky attack yesterday afternoon - i was so sick of doing stuff that 'had' to be done rather than what i wanted to and all i wanted to do was sew. Didn't get near the sewing machine until 4pm yesterday, after discovering i had lost my giant white thread in some moving box so i went for a stash enlarging mission. not that i could afford it. picked up some gorg printed cotton at global fabrics, and some AWESOME cotton flannelette at Arthur Toye - photos will follow later, promise. It was one of those prints where i knew that if i didn't snaffle some there and then i'd miss out.

Got some bags half made, the boy is cleaning the printing screens this arvo, bring on the fun!
but until then, i have mega mega work load. So i should really do that.

February 15, 2008

is it friday already?

man this is awkward - lying on the bed, resting on my elbows to type on the laptop.

Not sure how i'm still functioning really - has been the maddest week. And was a super mad day today - fridays always are at work, which is a bit of a killer.

But somehow i managed to make a pattern and do masses of ironing (stash got washed and dried today) and a little bit of cutting out. Hopefully i'll be able to dedicate sunday to sewing...oh can't wait! plan for tomorrow - out to petone fair, maybe try and hunt out some drawers and a desk for the flat (my clothes have nowhere to live), and then see if i can sell some clothes to recycle boutique before spending all my money again at the global fabrics sale. mmmmmmmmmmmm fabric. might see what knit world has going at the same time...

next week we should have the mac all set up and i'll be back to more regular posting - have a fab weekend!

February 11, 2008

I am tired.

We spent all weekend moving and cleaning. We got it all done, except for some of the unpacking. Feel my enthusiasm for having our own STUDY! At the moment it's full of boxes, and we have no desk for the computer or sewing machine, but we'll get there.
It took us 4 freaking hours to clean our old flat, it was so painful. Then, to prove how fantastic (not) our old tenancy agency is, I was told that we would get a full bond refund because the place looked amazing, then when tim went to get the paper work signed off the same guy tried to weasel carpet cleaning costs out of him. Um, no! Especially after telling me i'd get a full refund. Clever. Glad to be rid of them.

Was way too busy to get back to the Fabric Warehouse sale, which is a good thing, as i've literally just scored myself a set of printing screens and squeegees for an awesome price...bring it on!

February 8, 2008

moving day...

firstly, apologies for tim's addition to the last post. Charming.

I'm completely over-stimulated and can't sleep, so it's 5.41am and here i am sitting at the computer. i had a really intense day at work, then an unnecessarily mega bus trip to the flat for the inspection, and then an engagement party...there was (and still is) so much going round in my head sleep is basically impossible. so i gave up. The movers arrive in 3 hours and the place is a tip. So all i'm planning for right now is to have everything organised for when they get here and then the rest of the day can happen as it wants - getting the rest of the stuff out of the flat, going out to the hutt to pick up furniture, unpacking, cleaning the new place, getting the new whiteware delivered (omg so excited about that!) and hoping that i get a few parcels in the mail today. For now i have to settle for doing quiet things so i don't wake anyone up...

February 6, 2008

insurance pain

i am sitting on the phone waiting to make amendments to my insurance policy. how long before i will be attended to? fifteen freaking minutes. sheesh...

and then i'll be able to go and relax over a picnic dinner at free rhombus gig. yaaaaay relaxing!

blah blah blah your a dick... wah wah blog pog

February 4, 2008

uh oh. i think i need a dedicated fabric fund

I can see myself expanding my stash quite rapidly if i'm not careful...but i haven't bought loads of fabric just because in ages. I used to work for a fabric shop and constantly spent too much ofmy  wages on fabric, but i love it. I love to walk around stores and touch all the different textures, feel the weight, drool over prints.  I keep hearing about the Global Fabrics sale and think i may have to visit tomorrow (yay for Waitangi) in the midst of packing and cleaning. But i figure seeing as the boy just made a rather large and completely redundant purchase without asking me, i can indulge all i like. So there.
And then i'll get to test out my new washing machine by washing it all...mmmm

February 2, 2008


Well, the Martinborough fair didn't go quite as well as we'd hoped, but we still came away with a small profit, and we got a really good response to our ipod covers. We think our target audience is  a little narrow, so we're going to expand our range of products for the next one in March. Which means i got to expand my stash at the Fabric warehouse sale today. If you love fabric, GO. It's on till the 10th of feb. I think i may go back yet...there were so many beautiful silks and things that i would love to just have...(in my new sewing room, woop woop!)

Just randomly - a painting i picked up at the statue barn. So much wrong with it, but i love the colours, and it's so nice and homey.

Pre-stash expanding, we had our first try of the new(ish) Zarbo's on Chaffer's dock. Man, does it really take 20 minutes to make a coffee? It wasn't that busy...but the wait was forgotten with one sip - my hot chocolate was divine and tim was in palpatations over his long machiatto. All is forgiven Zarbo's. 

Now all is go on packing - we got ourselves a loverly french couple as our flatties. Think my french may improve this year...So our lounge is a mess and i have my recently engaged friend coming over to lemon crunch muffins at 3...better get to it.