February 28, 2008

freaking friday

woohoo, a photo!

I had the foresight to take tomorrow off from work before the crazy early mornings and long days that i'll be having this weekend, and boy am i glad i did. It felt like friday today - slightly crazed, over tired and stressed out which meant i was oddly perky and happy. hmm, weird how that works. The cupcakes someone shouted for morning tea probably contributed.

Work has been seriously busy and 'home' work has been just as bad, making bags for the coming markets.

There have been some great moments this week though - donuts for tim from Pak'n'save, actually seeing some finished products, getting my christmas present from my bro in sydney along with a letter (more on that in another post), being told that someone is starting work in our office next week to help me - this has got to be the best. I'll be able to hawk off all the crap that has building up over the past few weeks that is still technically part of my job but super, super low on the priority list. Those things that need to be done simply to keep the office ticking along nicely. and, err, i'm brushing up a bit of paperwork.

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