February 17, 2008


more apologies for boring and sporadic posts - life is getting the better of me!

I had a cranky attack yesterday afternoon - i was so sick of doing stuff that 'had' to be done rather than what i wanted to and all i wanted to do was sew. Didn't get near the sewing machine until 4pm yesterday, after discovering i had lost my giant white thread in some moving box so i went for a stash enlarging mission. not that i could afford it. picked up some gorg printed cotton at global fabrics, and some AWESOME cotton flannelette at Arthur Toye - photos will follow later, promise. It was one of those prints where i knew that if i didn't snaffle some there and then i'd miss out.

Got some bags half made, the boy is cleaning the printing screens this arvo, bring on the fun!
but until then, i have mega mega work load. So i should really do that.

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