February 2, 2008


Well, the Martinborough fair didn't go quite as well as we'd hoped, but we still came away with a small profit, and we got a really good response to our ipod covers. We think our target audience is  a little narrow, so we're going to expand our range of products for the next one in March. Which means i got to expand my stash at the Fabric warehouse sale today. If you love fabric, GO. It's on till the 10th of feb. I think i may go back yet...there were so many beautiful silks and things that i would love to just have...(in my new sewing room, woop woop!)

Just randomly - a painting i picked up at the statue barn. So much wrong with it, but i love the colours, and it's so nice and homey.

Pre-stash expanding, we had our first try of the new(ish) Zarbo's on Chaffer's dock. Man, does it really take 20 minutes to make a coffee? It wasn't that busy...but the wait was forgotten with one sip - my hot chocolate was divine and tim was in palpatations over his long machiatto. All is forgiven Zarbo's. 

Now all is go on packing - we got ourselves a loverly french couple as our flatties. Think my french may improve this year...So our lounge is a mess and i have my recently engaged friend coming over to lemon crunch muffins at 3...better get to it.

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