February 15, 2008

is it friday already?

man this is awkward - lying on the bed, resting on my elbows to type on the laptop.

Not sure how i'm still functioning really - has been the maddest week. And was a super mad day today - fridays always are at work, which is a bit of a killer.

But somehow i managed to make a pattern and do masses of ironing (stash got washed and dried today) and a little bit of cutting out. Hopefully i'll be able to dedicate sunday to sewing...oh can't wait! plan for tomorrow - out to petone fair, maybe try and hunt out some drawers and a desk for the flat (my clothes have nowhere to live), and then see if i can sell some clothes to recycle boutique before spending all my money again at the global fabrics sale. mmmmmmmmmmmm fabric. might see what knit world has going at the same time...

next week we should have the mac all set up and i'll be back to more regular posting - have a fab weekend!

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