February 21, 2008

one of those days...

i couldn't focus, couldn't concentrate on anything. Ate too much crap (morning tea shout was on), didn't go for that much needed run at lunchtime (though no doubt that would have made me feel way better) and felt like i was achieving absolutely nothing. For several reasons I didn't get alot of sleep last night and man did it show today. About all i could manage was a bit of not-much-effort-required work. Like, filing, stuffing envelopes, the boring but mindless stuff. Anything beyond that and my brain would stop functioning.

But this evening has made it a bit better - cabbaging out over a huge glass of wine and then we went to Aunty Mena's vegetarian place up the top of cuba. We were going to haunt the 'fluorescent chinese place' but decided to be different for once and try somewhere new. It was awesome, and super duper cheap. I barely got halfway through my dumpling noodle soup, and the boy's curry had so much flavour. I was fascinated by the lady standing in the back kitchen doorway cutting up and pulling apart cabbages...she had the look of someone so calm and at peace with herself. I wish i'd had a camera with me, so i could capture her...maybe next time.

There were some generally fascinating people around tonight - the lady who crossed the road half way on taranaki street and proceeded to stare oddly at something on the ground, the girl driving the car next to us at the lights squealing that 'oh my god i so just a random text' to the guy next to her who was giving tim big ups and going 'yeahhh red terror!' Ahem. The red terror is the boy's mini. He used to own it once upon a time, sold it to work at Ruapehu for a winter season, always regretted it, and then when it came up on trademe recently he bought it back. Have i talked about this already? well, he didn't ask me about it. So i am still not convinced that we need two cars.

right. sleep time.

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