February 23, 2008

ch-ch-ch- changes

Well, i really, really do need to hunt out my camera cable so that I can actually put some pics up on here. It's getting mighty boring looking.

After struggling to decide what to do last night (there were no movies on that we both wanted to see) eventually i just dragged tim out the door and we visited the old Mighty Mighty for some much-needed beverages. From which emerged some very interesting conversation about what we want to do with our lives. The boy struggling with motivation and really is floating along, leading to some contention as i'm such an annoyingly driven focussed person who has to always be doing and can never relax. So he spurted out this idea of his where he wants to go on a training course which would mean moving cities.

I'm not too worried about moving, in fact, i'd be quite happy for a change of scene. There are several things (such a my job) that mean we couldn't do it until next year, but it would be so nice to have some sort of forward focus. I like to know that change is on the horizon and that there will be difference (i'm Saggitarian, i can't help it). So it's actually quite a nice feeling to think that i could maybe write down what i want to achieve this year, in order to carry out some change next year. Is it too early to be thinking of these things? Well, if it means the boy is happy and gets up in the morning excited about life, it's never too early.

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