January 28, 2009

How hilarious is this?

I almost wet myself laughing. Man i hope the food on my flights to London aren't so bad. And my in-flight entertainment better frigging work.

I'm running out of weeks to count down before i leave. I'm down to four and a smidge. I've been ticking things off my list. Today: apply for some jobs and attempt to open a UK bank account. 

I've been in denial of the list though. Instead, i've been procrastinating by inhaling all the Stephanie Plum books. Between me and my mum, we have every single one. 

Don't judge me. They're lurid and bright but they are such good books. I judged my mum when i first saw them lying around on the floor...until i randomly picked one up, read a few pages, and was hooked. 
Obviously now I want to be a bounty hunter. I'll take the Morelli and pass on the bad hair, thanks.

My mum and I used to regularly have conversations about who would play whom should they decide to make movies out of them. The female version of James Bond, i think they should do it. Or at least make a series for tv version. When i first started reading them, i couldn't for the life of me think who would play Lula. For some reason, the casting of Lula is more crucial than the casting of Stephanie. Now, i'm tossing up between Queen Latifah and the woman who plays Dr Bailey on Grey's Anatomy. Or even Missy Elliot. I think Bailey is the winner though. It would be a very different role to the one on Grey's, but she does that 'don't mess with me 'tude' so well.

and then there's the dilemma of Stephanie. She can't be too hot, or too perfect, and needs to be able to act a bit frazzled. Might have to think on that one a bit longer.

I think we came up with Colin Farrell for Morelli. 

hmmm. Time to go start on Seven Up, methinks.

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styler said...

i am addicted to miss plum
and i have the lastest book if you'd like to borrow