January 24, 2009

Thank you for all your comments about the doily tree grumpiness. Makes me feel a bit less of a baddie!

Speaking of trees, I had the honour of attending a friend's wedding yetserday. 
The Wairarapa, as always, was about 5 degrees hotter than Wellington, and by the time I got to the wedding bus, i was more than a little uncomfortable. It was somewhat a relief to find the other girls waving at their underarms and flapping their dresses around in order to get something like respite. We all made noises about the poor boys, in their shirts, black pants and black shoes.
The wedding was absolutely wonderful. Protected by the shade of the trees at the Pounui Homestead (on Western Lake road, and the most fantastic venue EVER), the bride looked stunning. The groom looked perfectly comfortable with no tie and no waistcoat - a look i'm totally advocating. It's hot. And you don't have to worry about putting your bridesmaids in, say pink, and then convincing the boys to wear same for their waistcoats or ties. It's win-win.

Anyway, one can't complain about sitting in the sunshine, your champagne glass being routinely topped up, eating gorgeous vege food (the newlyweds are vegetarian, so the whole reception was too) enjoying watching some rather scrumptious boys, and having a good old dance. 

I could quite happily live in the place I stayed, too. On going up to my room I found bookshelves positively groaning under the weight of - glorious, glorious art history books. I didn't want to leave. The host, Sylvia, was an absolute darling, and picked me up and dropped me off from the train station due to the fact that Greytown has no buses on the weekends. 
Not so happy about being back in the real world. 

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