January 2, 2009

packing, cleaning and stuff

oh right, so, tried posting the other day and blogger wouldn't have a bar of it. How rude.

I did say:
The flat needs packing up and cleaning, the garden needs clearing and weeding.
the garden is now weeded but no place to put said weeds now they are out. discovered that not much of my stuff can be packed as it is all furniture. hmm, how did that happen?

Motivation, motivation, where are you? All I want to do is curl up on the sofa and think about life, the universe and everything. Time is of the essence.
Still lacking in motivation. Spent much time lying on the very comfortable swing couch on my parents' deck thinking how lonely life is when there is no work and therefore no co-workers. Time is still of the essence. Normally i am impatient for everything to happen yesterday, now i wish i had more time before i leave for the other hemisphere. In fact, now wish had job. oh dear.

Am also trying to decide if this year needs resolutions. Looking at last year's, i think i achieved maybe 4 of the many. oooh. how about this:

Embrace all opportunities.

I think that's enough.

in my hunt for new blogs, i found this site. Brilliance. I can't wait to wander London streets and shoot graffiti. Hopefully without getting mugged.
ooh look! it's me! in Warwick! amazing what you find when posting from your parents' computer.

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