January 22, 2009

I had a lovely evening at the gardens, with Twinset, and Charlies' Lemon Quencher, and good company. 

Then I saw this:
And I thought hmm, that's interesting. I've seen the same sort of thing on the net. Then I saw the signs that said 'artist'. Then I got a little grumpy. 

Should an artist be paid (which i assume she is for the project), for something that is essentially this or this
or this or this?

There's a blurb about it here. I wouldn't have an issue if she said, oh i'm referencing so and so, or inspired by the work of others, or simply - i'm carrying on something others have started. Or even developed the idea further, adjusting it, exploring it. 

Am i being a massive art snob here who is determined that people should be recognised for their great ideas? Tell me to get over it if i am. I don't particularly enjoy being grumpy.


styler said...

i think that 9 times out of 10 craft is not an original project.I thing people should honour their inspiration.

maybe we should go to the artist talk?

tash* said...

this is very true. I think i'm playing semantics - if she were a 'crafter' as opposed to an 'artist' it would be ok. So i am just being a hoity toity art snob. There is, apparently, no such thing as an original idea anymore.

We could go, but then i'd be very tempted to play devil's advocate and ask questions. :)

shula said...

It's a question of honesty and respect. The problem is not that she's doing something that's already been done - there's nothing truly new under the sun - it's that she's passing it off as her own original idea.

The Magnolia Project was inspired by the work of Oh Joy, and not only was she referenced, but she was also asked, and then Pene Durston worked her own slant on the project, the result, as we all know, being breathtakingly beautiful, and quite different, in it's own way.

And that's a Good Thing.

But this? This, unfortunately, is a lie.

Thanks for bringing it up.

shula said...

ps. if you do go to the artist talk, let us know what happened. I'd LOVE to be there...

pen said...

seems vaguely familiar..... even down to the 'protection' comments on the nzlive site made by the 'artist', sounds a lot like comments on my blog about our tree
had a good laugh though
like Shula I want to be a fly on the wall at that artist's talk!
when the Magnolia Collective did this piece we did it for FUN and a big afternoon tea, and I have always referenced Janet Morton's tablecloth tree where the inspiration came from.
the upside/downside of the blogverse!
it surprises me that people don't twig to the fact if they saw it on the web then other people will recognise it too!

thanks for the pics

styler said...

Well i think that becuase she's saying it's all art, and not referencing previous projects is what makes me sad. I love how people redefine things around the world and acknowledge those who did things before.

If she's never heard of any of these other projects i'd be surprised as nobody lives in that kind of a bubble.