March 23, 2008

mmm real food

polaroid from holiday in Jan - just cos.

Well, i'm not better. Last night I was treated to a roast with all the trimmings at my parents' house, and that perked me up a bit. But the cold has dug in its heels.

Which means that i have no energy to look after myself. For example, lunch yesterday was my dark chocolate Lindt bunny. The crap thing is, i don't think i could even taste it properly, and now there are no more lindt bunnies for me. Sucky.
there once was a bunny.

This morning i thought i'd kill two birds with one stone. Flag breakfast and make myself pancakes for brunch instead. Which was ok, until i finished washing the car and was absolutely starving but still had to make pancakes. Sucky again. 
Not so sucky is one of my friends has come back from her weekend away and has offered to make me dinner. Think i'll be taking her up on that.

In the meantime i'm trying to burn wedding photos to CD. It's taking freaking ages. 

1 comment:

kimberlee said...

oh sorry you are sick

I had a chocolate bunny for a meal but wasn't even sick.