March 28, 2008

dropping by

More just dropping by. I'm avoiding sorting stuff out for the fair tomorrow - oh yeah, the fair! Aro Valley Fair is on from 10 - 4 on Aro street tomorrow, come along! I shall be there, selling. Stuff. Without the last lingering traces of my cold.

What i'm a bit more preoccupied with at the moment is thinking about how it's been 5 years tonight since a good school friend of mine was killed in a car accident. I still remember getting 'that' phone call at work, walking to my friends house numb, not knowing how to react...going to see her, lying so peacefully on her bed at home, her sister sitting next to her eating MacDonald's...all such a waste. She was the most incredibly creative person who had a rough ride after we all finished school. She didn't really know what to do with her life, and got mixed in with a guy who wasn't good news at all. And neither was his family. Which made it all the harder because he was the one driving.

In the odd way that life works, I just happened to drive through the intersection where it happened while i was working today. And it's not one of those places i drive through very often. There were new flowers on the traffic light pole, and all  i wanted to do was stop, like i used to, and sit and think about her. But I had my boss in the car, so couldn't.

Instead i'm sitting here listening, randomly and without intention, to the Jack Johnson album that i was thrashing at the time of her death. I remember dropping a friend off at home after we'd been to see her and that friend mentioning how much she loved the album. Like i said, isn't it weird how life works.

Arrivederci Ella. The next glass of wine is for you.

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