March 22, 2008


Please excuse the following post: i feel hideous. The cold has taken hold...

So much excitement about Easter weekend, and i'm doing my best to re-channel it, but it's a bit of struggle with my head stuffed full with cotton wool. mmmm.

Friday was pretty uneventful, lots of doing nothing, moving things around, and general tidying up. 

Saturday was good fun - went bike stuff shopping with my Dad (yay dad!) so i am now the proud owner of a not too girly bike helmet and some terribly unsexy bike shorts. And a bike computer that i'm not even going to attempt to figure out in my current state of mind. Now all i want to do is go for a ride - it is absolutely perfect bike riding weather. oh the pain!

Then I headed off to Craft 2.0 to meet the lovely Megan of Frou Frou Frippery - I was meant to give her  my spare copy of Afternoon Tea and of course completely forgot to take it with me. But I met her, she was lovely, her hoodies are gorgeous in real life, and she gave me fabric. yay! 

As usual the place was completely packed, but off in a serene wee corner of their own, were the producers of World Sweet World - a magazine that is full of everything i am into it's a bit had to have one of those, and for my troubles was given a big roll of billboard vinyl to cover my kitchen chairs with - how on earth did they know i have been meaning to do that for the last year?! Now i have something to cover them with i might actually get around to it...

Sorry, too lazy to rotate the pic. But you get the idea.

Did i mention i won tickets to Summerset? Well, i'm glad i didn't pay for them - I felt several expletives of gross after two sets so headed home to wallow on the couch under my blanket and watch tv. Managed to see Minuit (my fave) and Black Seeds so it was worth it...a few things they could do better? I think when more people get there the atmosphere probably improves, and perhaps a bit more variety in their acts - i had no idea who any of the international peeps were and if they had a wider range of styles one would think they'd get more people along. BUT, great freaking venue. The grass was all perfectly short and uniform after the cricket, it was beautiful. 

All the crap I had next to me whilst couch-wallowing. Yep, that's progress on thermal! I'm getting a bit worried about my lack of skills for when i reach the neckline...

Think it's back to bed to think of all the things i'd much rather be doing - taking photos, cleaning the car, sorting out my room, baking hot cross buns, knitting, sewing....instead, sick.

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Megan Rose said...

Hope you feel better soon. There's nothing worse than being sick and feeling horrid when there's time off work and fun things to do. I'm sure loads of Easter eggs will ease the pain!