January 4, 2008


It took me a moment to remember what I sat down meaning to write...but there it is, i'm going to put my resolutions down somewhere they won't be lost.

Which requires thought. oh, crap. I'll start with 2007 successes instead.

1. I got fitter and lost about 10 kg. (then put 4 back on over winter. whoops).

2. My first piece of writing was published online, and i got some great free goodies for my later efforts. Haven't submitted anything in the last few months due to things being so mad, but at i least i put myself out there.

3. I quit my horrible boring tedious under appreciated job for a much more enjoyable, busy, dynamic job where in the space of six months i acted in three different positions besides my own. woop woop!

4. I got my full license. Finally!

5. I survived (haha) another year with the boy. Now clocked up 2.5. awww.

6. i grew some of my own vegies...am a bit bummed that my broccoli (gosh thats an odd looking word!) went to flower then died completely during my week long absence, but at least i still have tomatoes growing, lettuce and beetroot that i can't wait to pull out. 

7. I sewed a whole lot more (not much clothing sadly) and got going on the ipod covers again. which led to 

8. our first market! so far, so good, with our cards - have these stocked in a few places and have the martinborough fair coming up. I really should decide if i want to do newtown, kilbirnie and petone soon huh.

9. i got good at snowboarding!

10. i knitted lots. of scarves and beanies.

so for the resolutions: 

Re: 1. Am going to get back on the bike and lose that four plus an extra two by the time winter rolls around. And keep it off. My stomach is starting to remind me that i can't eat whatever i want again. (a boring, boring start to the resolutions but i had to put it in)

Re: 2. Read more. Since our trip i have been fascinated by the things that drove New Zealand as a country in the decade or so after WW2. I think it has something to with Crown Lynn, state house design and the image of the 'good old days'

Re 3. Get a fat ass pay rise. 

Re 4. Um, i can't further myself on having my full so, in total subversion of that, i'm going to try to use the car as little as possible. Might even keep track of it on here a la the minus car project. Will help with number 1 and saving money too. $2 a litre by july! something to look forward to...

Re 5. clock up another year.

Re 6. Expand my garden when finally get into a new flat. I wouldn't mind improving my vegie gardening knowledge to the point i may one day be able to grow all my own vegies. Saving the planet and all that.

Re 7. Sew more clothes. 

Re 8. Make a mint at the markets, and develop more products, and take over the gift card world

Re 9. Get better at snowboarding. I want to make it to the top lift at Ruapehu and make it all the way down. And love it. 

Re 10. Finally learn how to knit something that isn't a scarf or beanie. Tim thinks i should knit a dress. Think i'll start with a big fat jersey for apres ski. 

11. (some extras here) save money. I have a number in my head. I am determined to make it. In the same strain i want to focus on not being as materialistic this year. It starts to get me down knowing all my 'wants', when really, i don't need that much to get by. I had thought i could go totally overboard and say that i'll go a whole year without buying anything new (that is, second hand is ok) , but maybe i'll hold off on that one.

12. oh crap what was 12. ummmmmm oh i don't know. I'll probably think of it later. How about, just do more things that scare the shit out of me. I've done plenty in the past year, why stop now?

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