January 19, 2008

All grown up

the boy and i just purchased two major items of whiteware. I'm officially an adult. So now we are the proud owner of a fridge/freezer and a washing machine. Brand new. We are also the proud owners of some new knowledge:

1. Hire purchase is the devil. No matter what a salesperson says, HP interest rates mean you will never get a good deal (unless you get an interest free term). My credit card rate is only 13%, so there it went. And there is a contingency plan to get it paid off asap. 
2. If in doubt, call your parents. 
3. I honestly believe that paying for an extra 5 year warranty is a big fat load of bollocks. 

Only bummer is that we won't get to actually use our new whiteware for three weeks - it's getting delivered the day we move into the new flat. ooooh shiny things. 

So more on the WIPs - Am in the midst of cutting a gazillion cards. And about halfway through the stole.
It's not the most beautifully consistent knitting as i'm making it out of hand spun air cell yarn. Think it's merino. Possibly not. Better yet, it was spun by Tim's late Gran. His mum was lovely enough to dip into her stash awhile ago and pass some on to me. This cream air cell and some lovely chocolate brown stuff. Apparently farmers used to give her the wool off the sheep's back to spin for free. So even if my stole is a bit bobbly and imperfect, at least my making and wearing it to Tim's brother's wedding will be very appropriate. Not that anyone is going to be paying the least attention to what i'm wearing anyway.

Haven't even started the clutch. I'm going to try and cut all this card before i do that, so hopefully will get onto it in the afternoon. 
I finally got to take a photo of this wee gem that Tim and I picked up at the Miramar Salvation Army a couple weekends ago - a photo tinting kit. Some of the paint tubes have hardened, but others are ok - just a bit hard to squeeze out. i love the design though - one of those things that are great to look at but will probably never use. Oh well. For $3, does it matter? :)

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