January 26, 2008

more bloggy slackness

sorry. But my brain has gone awol - things have been over the top mad. 

I just finished (finally) all the cards i have so far planned to make for the fair. Thank freaking goodness for that. Am yet to decide if i'll do another hundred. Hmm.

Wedding was yesterday. Oh my it was absolutely beautiful. Stinking hot day which made for a bit of sunburn (me) and sweat dropping off hands (the groom). Tim looked fabulous as a groomsman, and i managed (somehow) not to cry, but it was the sweetest, most heartfelt ceremony and the couple looked magnificent. I'm going to try put a couple pics up but they're from tim's camera so they may be a little much for blogger to manage, but i'll try. 
They worked! yay :)
only real crisis of the day was that at about 10am i was having coffee with a friend who is moving to Auckland (sob) and my cellphone decided to seriously kick the bucket. Just what i needed - on the one day all week where i had to be sure that i was contactable at all times, i was suddenly without any means of calling. So i had to embrace the inevitable and replace my four year old, black and grey screen phone. Now i have a swish new pink number, that i managed to chuck on the trusty credit card for $100. Hopefully it too will last four years. Probably take me that long to pay off my current credit card bill (ugh.)

erm, what else. Oh i was asked four times when tim and i were going to get married. Gees, just because we're at a wedding, doesn't mean we all need to get engaged. and tim's cousin just tied the knot so surely one at a time is enough? 

And we had flat viewing number four today. I am so unbelievably sick of them. You'd think the landlord would get the message that they have put the rent up too high when they need four (could be more) viewings in January. The month of flats being snapped up in seconds by desperate masses of flat hunters. 

oh yeah, WIPs - i got both the stole and the clutch done in time for the wedding - they both turned out great - i'll try and take photos tomorrow. I did get a bit lazy with the bag and not do a separate lining, but it did the trick. and it held EVERYTHING. 

Last thing - as i was wielding tim's mega nikon D80 around i ended up being invited by the official photographer to go along to the photo shoot - which was great fun. I think she was a bit threatened by tim and i, and then figured she may as well make the most of me being there. So one of our gifts to the happy couple will be some great relaxed shots.

hmm... i think it is bedtime.

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