January 31, 2008

random momentary thoughts

i think Britney is a bit of a muppet...but does she really deserve all the media attention? surely, give the poor girl a break. Imagine dealing with a mental illness with 100 photographers in your face 24/7, with strangers camping outside your house, with every move documented world-wide.

and with the whole environmental report...i really hope people don't blame the government for it. Because really, every single individual is responsible for keeping New Zealand clean and green - every piece of rubbish we throw out, everything we buy, the water we drink, the car we drive, how we get to work...it all effects the planet. This is one thing we can't blame on any one else.

have a look at sustainability.govt.nz and make a pledge, or visit intersect.org.nz

or just get all crafty and make as many, or fix rather than replace, items that you think you need.

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