January 10, 2008

the latest obsession

well, other than flat hunting anyway. But how about i fill in the flat hunt progress to start?
I had a great big stress last night. It had been two straights of very below average too expensive flat listings on trademe and i was irritable. Disputes ensued. Then relatively solved. Just before i headed off to bed i checked one more time...and found another place, in Kilbirnie, with great potential. So i've jacked up to see that place tomorrow. Am feeling quietly confident...
And we went to see the previously mentioned excitement creating looked really amazing flat this afternoon. Hmm. Well, it was nice. But not amazing. I had to force myself to envision it without all its studenty overcrowding furniture and see it as i would have it...but it was still nowhere near as big as the photos lead me to believe. I think a wide angle lens was at play there. So we chatted and got on well with one of the current tenants who was showing people around, and the person who decides who gets the place, and we completed our application first. In a very hilarious few minutes, a girl was stressing completely next to me, trying to get hers filled out before i did. Her tension was ebbing out all over the place, it was very hard not to smile. Apparently decision is on tuesday. If this other place tomorrow arvo is better, i'm going to push the guy to let it to us. Wait and see for now though.

The other obsession is more creative and has been curing for a while now. In fact, it began when the boy and i were living in Methven, and i found the coolest girls' annual. They have simply the sweetest and naivest (is that a word??) illustrations. And no ten year old girl in our time would take any of the stories remotely seriously. But they're great fun ... I managed to pick up 3 for $2 on our way up to Taranaki, and Tim's dad had some lying around that ended up in one of the many boxes that got passed our way. Which all means - another project! Hopefully i'll have it ready enough for Martinborough, but if not, it can wait til the March fairs. 
Meantime i have been doing plenty of sewing and embroidery for ipod covers. And mooching around earlier trying to come up with a grocery list i came up with yet another thing i'd like to do this year -try and cook as many different dinners as i can, and actually make proper use of all the Healthy Food Guides and other random cookbooks i have. Gee, how bout i over commit myself yet again? Plus i've come up with yet another small business idea..well, actually, three, but only one is actionable with not a whole lot of capital. Possibly more on that later.

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