January 14, 2008

not of the happiest frame of mind

I am extremely pissed at my tenancy agency right now. Heck, why don't  i just name them - Full House. Our really fantastic (gee, is that sarcasm) agent decided that she would tell me, mid afternoon today, that she has just put in all the advertising for tomorrow, and the viewing of our flat will be at 2.15. And i assumed, oh she must mean saturday, because giving us less than 24hours notice is kind of illegal... but no, she meant tomorrow. Oh and the only reason she emailed me was because i emailed her at the end of my tether being told by her voice mail not to leave a message as she's too busy. 
Which lead to a call to Tenancy Services to see if i had any rights there...and he said, well, you can't unreasonably withhold consent for them to come on to the property...so basically if i say no and they take me to disputes  i could be told that i was being unreasonable. I think the least the agent could have done is ask me if it was ok BEFORE she put all the advertising in. Now in one night i have to make sure my house looks presentable enough that people aren't going to think i'm a total slob who doesn't know how to clean. Along with nursing tim through his cold, working on craft stuff, and playing indoor netball. How, in fact, would she have known that I was back from holiday if i hadn't emailed her in the first place? what rights would i have had if they had just bowled through the house while we were away? Probably a small amount, and really, what would we get from going through disputes? Probably nothing. I feel as if i've been intruded upon and they haven't even got to our front door yet.

So after that, I could not concentrate on work at all. But i did everything through email so i have a written record...just in case. I am so, so happy our new place has great landlords who are just a ma and pa couple who really are lovely. So that's my rant. Oh except i had an irate lady who has absolutely no idea who i am, tell me off for answering the phone with the shortened version of my name. Well, lady, just so happens that practically noone calls me by my full name, and who on earth are you to tell me how to conduct myself?! 

off to clean the freaking bathroom, i s'pose.

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