January 8, 2008

dreaming flat out

something is a bit screwed up with the date setting on here, and it's annoying me. Hmm.

I think i have found the flat of my dreams, in kilbirnie. It is perfect in every way, except it's not ours (yet). I even dreamed about it last night. The gutting thing is that it seems everyone else knows it's freaking great flat for a great price so i'm stressing that we won't get it and won't find an alternative place that fits our criteria so absolutely perfectly. I do, however, have a plan of attack. I have already talked to the landlord and she knows i am in love with it, so hopefully that works in my favour. Fingers crossed...

but as usual all this flat changing stuff ain't cheap. At the rate we're going we'll probably end up setting up our own flat rather than going into an established one, which means organising things like a fridge, washing machine and couches. We have everything already except those rather major white ware and furniture things. And what with the wedding, and the fair, and after our holiday...well, i'm going to be beyond broke by the end of it. And then of course i'll make a squillion dollars at the martinborough fair and all will be hunky dory again. 

oh, and i'm going to apply for craft 2.0. And the newtown and petone fairs in the next few days i hope. That'll keep me busy! 

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