January 6, 2008

frankly, i love frankie...

ahh, the new frankie magazine pounced on me today. Completely unsuspecting, i walked into borders with a mind to kill some time and there she was. Happy, happy me. 
sharing some holiday photos...kinda wish i'd taken  more in napier, or at least on my camera. 
My mountain (taranaki. i used to look out my bedroom window every day and see it, all lonely like)
OH, and congratulations.
in said frankie, i read a little bit about friends suddenly being grown-ups. So this is where i stop and contemplate the year past again. One good friend (and several others i know) became a solicitor. Another graduated as a medical doctor. Another is a primary teacher and moved for love. further to the new year's eve engagement of a friend, an old male friend from my wild and drunk (haha) later school days is too engaged. (four years ago i would have laughed in faces if i was told that!) Several are mooching around on their oes. Yet another has just finished her masters after the year from hell (boy of 7 years sleeping with flatmate, mother being diagnosed with cancer, all that fun stuff). My little sister has a diploma and a proper job. I'm starting to get ants in my pants about the fact i think i'm worth way more than i'm paid. Yet, despite all this i still feel like i'm about 5 years old. More so lately than when i was still a student. Probably because i was taking myself a tad too seriously (work, study, work work work study). I've found though, that the boy has had a massive impact on this aspect of moi. I can be as goofy and stupid as i like and he doesn't care. Basically, i can be myself. Isn't that the brilliant thing about other halves? they teach you so much - how to look at the world from a different perspective, and about yourself. They bring out all those quirks that normally you'd hide away in a corner of your mind. Gosh, it's a bit grown up to claim i know myself, too. I've found that over the past year i've been so busy with other things i tend to forget to stop and have those random moments of suddenly realising what you're like.

But for now, i have to go off and busy myself being all domestic. Dinner calls.

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