December 4, 2007

woohoo photos!

they're a bit crap -which is what happens when you take them at about 9pm, i suppose!
Awesome present from the boy number 1: a dewey decimal catalog chest originally from Vic Uni in Wellington - where i studied. It is beeeeeeeeeautiful. all i have a gazillion draws to stash my stuff in. woohoo!

Awesome birthday present from the boy number 2: my very own, mint condition Polaroid camera. It is insuch good condition, the tape around the strap hasn't even been taken off yet...i get the feeling i'm the first person to use it. I got some happy snaps at dinner last night that i will try and scan when we get the mac all set up.And finally, i have to do a morning tea shout for my birthday, and i've been so busy i haven't been able to do it yet. Tomorrow is the day - Tim helped with the decoration.

i'm actually just looking around and seeing all the other stuff i should take photos of and post about - like our purchases from the market on saturday, my christmas present works in progress...but they'll just have to wait. I'm taking friday off because i quite simply need a break - and hopefully i won't get all stressy, like i did in the weekend, about how i really should go in and catch up.

my grand plan for the day: some serious card making pre-khandallah fair, some $100 art sale stalking so i can decide in advance what i'm going to buy on the night, and hopefully some purging of stuff that is taking up too much space in our flat - bring on trademe! and bring on the weekend already - i can't believe i'll be waking up to wednesday tomorrow. Gees.

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