December 6, 2007

christmas tree, oh christmas tree!

The flowers outside my window...

I got home very grumpy last night from a very long day at work to see when i walked in the door - a christmas tree! a real, pretty smelling tree. So we had a good old time decorating it, and i've just looked at the photos i took of it and they're kinda shit. Maybe i'll post it anyway. hmmm so far have had a fabulous day off - dropping off a card order, going out to see the wonderful Martha and her hubby at Wanda Harland (oh i could spend so much money there!) to see if they wanted some cards - and they do! ok, i put it up. But i did warn you that it's a bit crap.

Woohoo! Then i got a bit spendy at the kathmandu sale...we need it all, really. 
Then i went to scope out the preview for the $100 art sale tonight. I'm very, very tempted to buy two works. With these new orders i probabl
y could manage it - it i conveniently forget the fact i need new shoes and work clothes. Pah, who
 needs practical stuff! When i can buy art?! And i do have the khandallah fair on sunday to make up for it. To which you should come, btw. I'm a bit bummed we chose to go in the carpark (cheaper stall) but i'm hoping being a little off the beaten track won't matter too much. 
and i really best get on with some cutting out - tre
es for more christmas cards and fabric circles to make yoyos with so that i can finally get some handmade presents finished.

Tim and my youngest brother last weekend...what is it about youngest children?
And this is our shiny new computer. I loves it. i'm just not very good at using it yet. I've lost all that i learnt on macs when i did first year design about 5 years ago. But i'll get there. :) And that's one of tim's photos as our desktop. Pretty.

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