December 3, 2007

bad grammar and chow

hahaha this has just cracked me up: 'Meanwhile, Amy is reportedly being pressurised by family and friends to end her six-month marriage to Blake.' From the website. That's pretty funny - pressurised? um, good England!

Am a bit distracted this morning, due to the festivities of last night. No hangover, but super duper tired. The boy and I dragged a bunch of friends to Chow for dinner and it was fabulous. The mint condition retro polaroid camera the boy got me as second birthday present was equally fabulous - i felt so spoilt. (photos tonight, fingers crossed!). It was great evening, hanging out in the booth, though i have to mention the service was seriously lacking. It's as if the staff have decided that chow is so cool they don't have to make an effort, or be nice. The problem is i love chow, so i'll probably still go back. hmmm.

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