December 5, 2007

fun times

I am suffering from a distinct lack of enthusiasm today. So i'm going to try and force it on myself.

Tim's cousin came over last night and helped us set up the new baby with all the software we'll potentially need. Do you know just how great it was to plug in our modem, and the internet popped up. all ready to go? it did. Here i was expecting to have to fill in loads of fields requesting stuff i had no idea about. once you go mac, you never go back...that's for sure.

and said cousin may also have helped secure us with a mega card order. Yes, i should be very, very excited about that. And i am. really.

and i've got tomorrow off! super, super happy about that. Work has already been a total downer today, and i'm incredibly tired. I reason that's because i've been working so hard...Hopefully i'll get a whole chunk of christmas stuff out of the way, and more cards made for the fair on Sunday. and then baking! plan to make cookie decorations for the yet - to - be - bought tree.

one thing to complain about - how absurd is it to sell a printer without a cord to connect it to the computer? (Brother, i'm looking at you) how much more absurd is it that we weren't told there was no connection cord when we bought it (stationery warehouse...) so no scanned polaroid pics til tomorrow, sorry!

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