December 9, 2007

not so fun times in the sunshine

I have a fast whinge to do about the Khandallah fair. It was ass. Reasonable amount of people, but lots of looking not much spending, and as a result i think the stall charges were way too much. I only just broke even. Which has made me wonder if our product is any good, if we should keep doing it...but we've got a new order, so i'll stick with it for now. 

But, if anyone would like some Christmas cards! Let me know - i have squillions. Say i'll give ten to anyone for free. Send me an email i'll put them in the post. :)
oh and i completely melted in the sun. It was hideously hot - 27 degrees! in wellington! that never happens, climate change is rearing its head, baby.
so to compensate for the whinge i am going to announce my total adoration of paperchase right now. I absolutely adore their Christmas decorations. It doesn't help that i seem to end up in borders all the time, browsing when i have nothing else to do on my lunchbreak. Which is how i ended up with the coolest bell decorations. They even jingle. Tim had fun juggling them. Only bummer - they don't with any ties so i have to go get some ribbon so i can put them on the tree. Now i just have to stop buying things for myself and start buying presents for others. It's the cruelty that is Christmas - you spend so much time looking, and all you seem to find is stuff for yourself. 

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