December 18, 2007

all the good intentions

My good intentions for this blog as follows:

take photos of great stash of stuff purchased at the Statue Barn two weeks ago
take photos of freaking cool fabric bought in Paraparaumu two weeks ago
put up photos of pretty coloured jingle bells bought a week ago from borders
post every day (pfffffffffft)
take photos of just completed christmas craft presenty goodness

clearly none of this has happened. In between Christmas parties, my body shutting down on me and forcing me to spend a day in bed (and miss the one Christmas party i was really looking forward to) and Tim's brother and family arriving from Canada, it's all got a bit lost in the wash. I have, however, very nearly completed all Christmas crafting/shopping, have a tidy house and even managed to seriously diminish my massive pile of work. Admittedly i did just move part of it, but cos it's filing, and can wait til January, it still counts right?

So now i am hanging out for Friday afternoon when i get to finish at the oh so wonderful time of 1, and get stuck into some serious cookie baking. Not that our house needs any more sugar...

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