December 6, 2007

art art art art art

woohoo! am all hyped up on two glasses of lindauer and the excitement that is new art...i've just got back from the $100 art sale, and cos i'm such a geek, i want everyone to know what i got already. I was second in line so missed the art work that i really, really wanted - number 19, by 'Fluke' named 'Untitled 72'. But i got my number two work - 'Wee angel' by Dra Mackay - who it so happens i worked with on the film festival in 2005 when i was doing events stuff at Te Papa. It's so nice when you find out things like that - not only did i get what i loved, but it has a story already. it's beautifully grainy and slightly out of focus. It makes me think that angel is doing something it shouldn't. And at the same time it is nice and calm and reflective, especially when i think that it is most likely watching over a grave. Whose grave, i wonder?
Of course tim had to buy something too, as he is just as much the art geek as i am - so he bought a Rapson. It looks like a melting boat. I love it. So we now have our first sculpture and our first art photograph. Not that we should have bought them of course. But i think that makes it all the more exciting. They are guaranteed to give us visual pleasure for so, so long. 

and i managed to take a better photo of our tree. Yay!

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