December 22, 2007


Am a bit hungover today. Shall i share the exploits?
I finished work on Friday, headed home and then picked my brother and his new(ish) girlfriend up from the airport. It is so good to see him again, even though it has only been about 6 months. But still. From there we had fish and chips, all the 
kids in one room - man we take up a lot of space now! All bar one are out of school and over 5 foot 9, it's bizarre. Had a few too many wines, did some grocery shopping with my sister and had the best sleep ever...

Saturday involved cleaning and baking pre-afternoon tea, which was meant to be reasonably posh like until tim came home with a box of coronas. Out of all the people who came, only one had a cup of coffee and one had tea. All the rest of us were boozing. Good, good times. Too much food, lots of sun and catching up. 

Eventually my older brother turned up after a day of shopping, and invited us to go for dinner at Nicolinis, not only the best italian restaurant around, but his old place of employ. Of course we'd all eaten too much already and hadn't booked so we didn't get there til around 10, so had the wait staff sitting with us eating their dinner, and then Raffaele himself joined us. I treated myself to the most divine banquet of pescatora - seafood, beautiful seafood. Tim hates anything you have to shell that comes from the ocean so it was a rare moment where absolutely had to take the opportunity. we wobbled home around midnight, and we paid for it this the point where i succumbed to a pie, an extreme rarity.
We've just been to yet another of the boy's family's houses for nibbles and drinks and sweltering in the sun. I think Wellington is a bit confused and has decided to provide us with weather that is more appropriate for Nelson, but it is wonderful for all these afternoon events we've been going to. 

Am now biding my time before going out to meet some old school friends for dinner, one is here on a flying visit from Auckland before heading off to the Philippines - lucky thing! So have finally managed to get labels done for all my presents, and the boy is about to learn just how carried away i got...hmmm....
I'm sure there was something deep and meaningful i was going to mention. Hmm... Despite all that i've been trying to do to get myself to actually 'feel' like it's Christmas, it still hasn't sunk in. My presents are almost al organised, there have been myriad family and friend gatherings, and just isn't the same from when i was a kid. I'm sure when all the madness that is present opening is under way, and my nine year old brother is running around going nuts on chocolate, and my stomach feels like it will pop, and we go for a walk to look at the Christmas lights to work it off, then, i am sure it will feel like Christmas. But i think once you get a certain age you really have to make an effort to feel that true vibe. In an odd moment of insight, I said to tim that Christmas only really happens if you make the effort. I get so sick of these people who go on about how much they hate Christmas, all the stress and what have you. By forcing myself to start making presents in early November, this year it has been a breeze. And i actually enjoy Christmas shopping, and baking, and cooking, and hanging out with all my favourite people. Yes, all those parties get a bit tedious, but i've taken advantage of every single one and used it as the only relaxation time i've had in months. Just sitting back quietly, watching everyone else and listening to their conversations, talking to people. it's the same reason i love the markets - i don't have to do anything at all but sit there. I feel like a total marshmallow after all that food and alcohol, but i'm going to use my two week break to make sure i get back in the exercise habit. Really people who tell everyone who will listen how much they hate this time of year need to get over it. I could go into a whole other reason as to how that can be seen as entirely selfish, but i won't.
on a final note, i happened upon the most fantastic garage sale yesterday. Check out what i picked up for $2 (and she didn't even want that much for it!). I honesty could have walked away with a giant box of fabric. Thank goodness i had that rational thought of...oh, um, where on earth would i store it all?!
A painted velvet cushion cover...
And this fabric. No idea what to do with it, of course...
And the fabric i bought in Paraparam the other weekend. How cool are the trucks!!

righty-o i better get on to tidying myself up for dinner. Have a fantastic Christmas...hopefully will post shortly after. :)

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