November 22, 2007

title? hmmm

nope, can't think of a title.

I have been at the office for 3.5 hrs now (figure that out - it's 11am) and have done approximately an hour's work. unless you count all the phone calls i've taken, that might edge it up a bit.
But figuring i have working been my little ass off for the past month, i figure i can finally have a morning of slackness.

Slackness has also been seen on the exercise front this week due to the wind deciding to make itself known again, which doesn't bode well for bike riding. And i've wanted to do things other than run with my lunch hours lately. Hopefully i'll be in the mood to go for one when i get home, or my waistline may be in big trouble.

On the exciting news front, i bought a computer! well, the boy and i did really. A shiny new imac. We went into the mac shop the other day to buy it, but after some confusion, they didn't have the one we wanted in stock. 4-6 weeks to wait for it. My ass. I got a bit stroppy. What made me more stroppy was the fact that the VERY NEXT DAY they had a full on magazine style brochure in the paper advertising the freaking thing. Talk about good business - not - if you don't have it in stock, why are you doing a mega promo of it?
So in protest i went online and bought it, and we should have it in about 2 weeks, if not sooner. woohoo! I guess maybe i should be nice and call the store to say we don't want theirs anymore...

And it's the weekend tomorrow. I have coffee with a friend, shopping and crafting of the christmas and market stall kind. happy, happy day.

ok now maybe i should do some work.

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