November 13, 2007

thunder and lightning

Last night we had a mega storm. The kind where you lie in bed with your eyes closed and you can see the lightning through your eyelids and the thunder rolls and rumbles like it want to destroy everything in its path. It was kinda scary, though very exciting at the same time. And it went for aaaaaaaaaages. I could just imagine the cold air and the warm air fronts meeting up in the sky in their gangs and both of them going right, we’re not going to give in easy this time – let’s fight to the death. Sleeves rolled up, muscles bulging…

And I want to whinge about some things. With the sky so grey I think I’m entitled. I’m trying to find somewhere, anywhere in central Wellington that will print digital photos for less than $1 a pop. At this point I’m going to have to do a massive lunchtime mission all the way to the other end of town to get some images printed at a reasonable price. And the place I’m going to charges extra (!!) for matt and white borders. What a freaking rip off.

And what is with the women presenting the netball at the moment all wearing the same dress? They look like bridesmaids, and they don’t seem terribly impressed by it. Going by their facial expressions, they all appear to be thinking the same thing – I feel like an idiot. Put them in news presenter blazers, and they’ll all look a million times more professional.

The only other thing I can think of to whinge about right now is that no matter what I do at the moment, my house feels like a constant mess. I swear it is reproducing. I might need to resort to drastic measures, like eating dinner straight out of the pan. Hmmm.

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