November 3, 2007

sleep, glorious sleep

I can't believe it's already 6pm on Sunday. Where has my weekend gone?

Friday night i was so exhausted i went to bed at 8, and when the boy got home around midnight and he said hello i could barely lift my head. The most frustrating thing was that i woke up at 6.10 am on saturday morning and couldn't get back to sleep i eventually gave up, started sewing and organised everything for the market so the boy got to stay in bed til 9.

I'm super glad we did make it to the market - it is enforced relaxation time. I can sit and chat to people and hand sew and don't have all those niggly household jobs hanging over my head. It was a pretty quiet day yesterday but we still did ok. The best part of the day though was when a strange man quickly and quietly handed me a wad of papers - application forms for three local markets. woohoo! So in the coming months we will (hopefully) also be doing: the khandallah fair (9 Dec); the Newtown Fair (2 March); the Kilbirnie festival (6 April) aaaand all going well the two martinborough fairs in february and march next year. actually that would mean two fairs in two days but we'll have to plan well for that one.

Anyway i'll be glad of the excuse to make more ipod covers - when i was up at 7.30 yesterday sewing i remembered how much i love making them - they are actually relaxing, and i love putting together different fabrics and thinking of new embroidery designs to put on them. They haven't done terribly well at the aro market thus far but i don't think it's quite the right audience for them anyway.

And i just half-succesfully made us pho for dinner. (i think it's vietnamese soup). It worked really well considering i improvised on a few ingredients - but that is the story of my life.

Enough boring writing, here are some random photos.

I realised there wasn't a single pic of me on here. totally anonymous no more! Me and a very hairy boy on the way back from a trip to the mountain. Oh, for some snow!
And i didn't get to have any of my lovely toast this weekend due to lack of peanut butter in the house. Dumb. Maybe next weekend.
Not terribly exciting photos but i promise to work harder on that front. Here's to another mad week...

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