November 8, 2007

sanity withdrawal

It's Friday night and the house is quiet. Well, quiet except for the conversation i can hear the people upstairs having, which is odd cos normally they all seem to be socially incapable. Anyway.

My week has been mental. How many times have i said that lately? Fingers crossed it will start to calm down next week, despite the fact i will still be doing two jobs - only i will be starting a new second job of which the acting period is indefinite. I'm actually a bit daunted by it, as i will certainly be out of my comfort zone, but it just goes to show how much my boss knows i am capable of, and that is a fantastic feeling. Wow, that sentence was way too long.
A few bits and pieces from the past two weeks...

the Pablos art auction was fab. My declarations of no alcohol consumption were quickly forgotten with the free bubbles. woops. The boy was intent on spending my money but we walked away with nothing - gutted we missed out on fantastic works by Paul Bradley, Sam Broad and Misery. That's what happens when you're poor like us though!

My little (8 year old) bro had his annual fireworks-slash-halloween party last weekend. It consisted of many 8 and 9 year old boys running around getting overly excited (as they do) at the pyrotechnics. To the point that one yelled 'God bless America'. Apart from being freaking hilarious you've gotta wonder if they should have said 'God bless China'.

I love watching fireworks but can't stand to spend money on them - i figure i may as well light a $20 note on fire. But we watched the Wellington free fireworks display from the best spot ever - and they were mind blowing (and ear bursting). for once i thought they were better than Disneyland (or maybe i just need to go to Disneyland again). One of the boy's friends parked in a spot on Oriental Bay from 8am just so that his brother could park his work truck in its place later in the day. The boy was home late from work and when we got there, the two of them were sitting in this truck, with the curtain pulled aside, kitted out with sofas, radio and bbq. So we sat in cosy comfort, ate sausages and bread and got many an odd look (and attention from the police), some guy even took our photo. I think it was more hilarious for us watching peoples' reactions than for them looking at us. Haha i even had my knitting out for awhile while the light was good which was a great tool to convince the boys in blue that there was no alcohol on board. i mean, if something as wholesome as knitting is being done aboard, surely we won't be breaking any laws??
And as i said, the show was spectacular.

last night i got home lateish (dinner time) from work drinks (there's that no alcohol thing forgotten again) to find the boy had dinner all ready for was the best thing. Even cooler though was the cat that snuck into the flat and wandered around for about half an hour. The boy was so stoked, and spent quite a lot of time down on the floor.

and now i'm going to relax and finally finish reading Love in the Time of Cholera. mmmmmm bliss.

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