November 10, 2007

the best news ever!!

I just sat down to write this via checking my email - and discovered that we have our very first card order! I'm having a party in my seat! And the boy isn't even here to celebrate with me! Could i get anymore excited??!

breathe...breathe...breathe...right so apart from that SUPER EXCITING news i thought i'd share my day. If i could do bullet points i would.

I woke up too early as usual, after a lovely night of sleeping and dreaming about something that *wasn't* work (happy happy me). So after giving up on harrassing the boy i eventually got up and went for a nice old bike ride... i was going to go round the bays but as usual wellington couldn't decided what to do with the weather and i wasn't too keen on getting rained on. Got home and dragged the boy's ass outta bed to go to the market, which was way busier than usual but worth it as always. Except we couldn't find any decent bananas. oh well.

um and then what...had a bit of a tidy up and sat down to cut out more things for our new Christmas cards that we're going to sell at the next Aro Market and (hopefully) the Khandallah market. I'm really excited about them, they let me feed my magazine addiction and have nice relaxing time of chopping away with my scissors and not think about much.

Then while i was making lunch i decided i should stop being so freaking lazy and actually clean something (i've been on cleaning strike lately, cos i've been working so hard the last thing i want to do in the weekend is clean). So i attacked the shower with exit mould (ahh, glorious stuff - that also ruined my boy's World hoodie - actually i should get around to fixing that) and had fabulous success making it look all nice and shiny so decided i may as well clean the rest of the bathroom too. Not that it's very big but it gets super dusty and i moult like a cat so hair gets every where and it's impossible to get off.

Anywhoo, after all that i got my ironing board out and had a go at all the fabric i washed a couple of weeks ago after my major spotlight splurge. Which meant i could then make:

Christmas placements part one (for presents) and summer pj bottoms. OMG how i love the fabric of these - the photo really is a bit crap cos the light is going and has made them look all blue. When i get the chance and the light is better i'll take another one. It reminds me of when i was 8 and my mum still made my clothes - ah reminiscing. They aren't the most attaractive when on but they are basically the boy's boxer shorts pattern so that's what you get i suppose.

And yes i'm already thinking about Christmas. Usually i'll be in denial until mid-December but this year i seem to be all for it. Might have something to do with our little card enterprise - i keep telling myself we need to take some Christmas photos for cards, and i aim to make the majority of my gifts this year to save a bit of moolah and have an excuse to do lots of sewing.

But for now, i'm off to make a semi-experimental dinner and have wee dance around the lounge - yay for card orders!!

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