November 14, 2007

something to smile about

Before the big storm the other night, the boy and i played a game of scrabble - with our set that we picked up in Petone last weekend. It has wooden letters!

And i caught a rainbow. I love how it looks through the rain spattered window, but none of the photos were just right - i had it in the back of my mind while i was taking them that i could make a card out of a good photo, but never mind.

I haven't had a bike update for a while. I rode the bike home today, and it felt different somehow - i was going faster and i did't freak out that i wasn't in control like i normally do. So i decided to tackle the short cut (ie big steep hill) home instead of the long cruisy way. I struggled. I am so unfit - the last two times i did it, about 6 weeks ago, i didn't have to stop. This time, i had to stop for about a minute i was breathing so hard. But i made it, and even biked up the next hill that takes me up to our house. My throat hurt i was breathing so hard, but it felt great. I actually can't wait to do it again. A bit nuts, yes!

And it's friday tomorrow, thank goodness. Someone was meant to come and show me what to do for my extra job today but didn't have time, so here's hoping for tomorrow - i'm getting increasingly frustrated by the fact i don't really know what i'm doing, but i just want to get stuff done. I hate that it's sitting there and people are waiting on me to get back to them.

One great success i can tick off for the day - the boy delivered our card order and the recipients are well happy with it. woohoo!

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