November 16, 2007

beautiful, beautiful day

Finally, a day where you can't but think the cliche - you can't beat Wellington on a good day. It is just amazing here today - still, sunny, hot, hardly any clouds. it is simply magnificent. I went for a bike ride this morning (still no success at sleeping in) and marvelled the whole way. I spotted some perfect photo opportunities but when i went back after dropping the boy off at work Oriental bay was chocka. The weather is meant to be just as fantastic tomorrow, so on my morning ride i shall take my camera with me.

For a little backtrack, i went to the opening of my sister's exhibition last night. She's literally just finished a diploma in visual media, and her class is having a graduating exhibition on Manners street for the next two weeks. So proud of her for sticking with it - i dropped out of design at Massey after a year when i discovered i was much better at writing than drawing, and that i preferred sewing as a hobby than as a job. Her stuff is very cool though, and i keep thinking that i wish i could set something up that supports emerging designers - a student gallery or the like. Something to mull over for a bit.

And i had to harvest more lettuce this morning, as the plants are getting a bit over excited! All the rain and sunshine of the last week has been like steroids for them. So we get to have fresh, home grown salad this weekend.
(the lettuce post-harvest)

(the tomatoes that i really should stake)

I tried to do some more sewing this afternoon in the peace and quiet, but just can't get into it. Maybe because my brain just wants to rest after yet another crazy week! I really need to get going on my Christmas presents though...only five weeks to go apparently. Argh. One little whinge - why is it that Spotlight seems to have fewer staff every single time i go there? the queues were ridiculous, and half the stuff i needed, such as a certain colour thread, had run out and they obviously hadn't had time to restock due to lack of staff. Sort it out, people! And latest lesson - fabric warehouse has cheaper calico and nylon netting.

Am off to pick up a bottle of wine and the boy - we're going out to Makara with fish and chips to hang out and take photos. It's like a replay of something we did when we first got together, and we got some amazing shots - except they were all on film and i can't find the negs. Gutted!

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