October 3, 2007

Sunshine, please!

Oh for some good weather!
It's true you can't beat Wellington on a good day, but when it's crap, it's crap.
Me and the boy have got everything crossed for sunshine (or no rain, at least) on Saturday, as it is our debut at the Aro Street Market. I will actually cry if it rains.
We've been super busy with plans for that and for tim's birthday - we had a few cocktails with friends last night, and at one stage the boy had 4 (yes, 4!) cocktails in front of him. Go the 2 for 1 is all i can say!
I haven't been able to get back on the bike this week thanks to the weather and daylight savings which is making me all twitchy.

I've tried to make a habit lately of doing things that scare me. The market is one. Going to the dentist is another (it took me about a week to pick up the phone, i swear). But every time i've put down the phone or sent an email i get the best rush - i've done it! Taking that first step - even if nothing comes of it - reassures me that really, i can do anything. I am the last person to have deep and meaningful philosophies about life but this one does work. Having said that, though, at the moment there still seems to be something kind of...missing. Hmm.

Anyway - i really, honestly will put some photos of the latest craft adventures up tonight.

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