October 10, 2007

rain rain go away...

I'm a magazine addict. And i've known it for a long time. but i seem to have found a nice cosy habit in the past year or so of specific hits that once bought, will keep me happy, just having them, for quite some time. Even if i don't get the chance to read them for awhile after they've found their place in my hot little hands, i'll be surrounded by a mellow luxurious glow in the knowledge that they are mine to cherish. Yes, i'm waxing lyrical. But frankie, for one, is a magazine that helps me find my place again. It has just the right balance of interesting features, fashion, craft and baking. The same writers appear issue after issue like good friends should.

I discovered frankie whilst in Melbourne, and i swear it was the happiest day of my winter season when i found the little book shop in Methven, Canterbury stocked it last year.

Russh i nicked from the lunch room at my boring as hell job in Melbourne. It was love at first flick - all the lush product shots, the collages, the pictorial research. I drooled. I have since graduated to purchasing rather than pinching. The best thing is that it comes out with the same regularity as frankie, so often i manage to get a double hit.

Oyster i like, but not enough to buy all the time. It's above the $10 mark which always makes me hesitate, unless there is something absolutely brilliant that catches my eye on the first browse.

My most recent discovery, however, is readymade. Out of the states but reading like a pommy mag, it is all about diy homewares. This means powerdrills and timber. Not that i really have the means or facilities to make a craft corner workstation, but it's still pretty cool. It's a bit on the spendy side and i'll probably only buy it the once - now that i've discovered they made a book! If you see the copy at borders on lambton quay, look closely and you'll see my name on it. No touching, thanks!

and then for the slightly more geeky - i always buy the healthy food guide as it has really good, easy recipes, and is interesting and motivating - i'm always inspired to eat that little bit better after reading each one. Helps keep out of the same-old cooking rut too.

For the sporty - i pick up Manual for the boy when i can, as it's published by the boys who made staple (sadly now defunct), and i was very impressed by their women's issue of spoke - tho all the use of 'mountain' in relation to 'biking' put me off a bit.

That and New Zealand Snowboarder, tho both it and manual really annoy me due to their serious lack of attention to female snow and skate boarders. We do exist, ya'know, and we read your mag (mainly for the gear, i must admit).

Every once in awhile i'll pick up vogue, but i got sick of their 'you must have this chanel bag' mantra -it's a bit too commercial and ...hmmm... rich middle age women for me.

Ok that was a bit more rant than i intended, sorry!

and extra good news from our market on saturday - we may have a gallery in taupo lined up to stock our cards. woohoo!
now i really must get me to bed before i pass out. 'night

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