October 11, 2007

i only believe the stars...

when they are true.

I had a much better day today, thanks in part to last night's wee imbibing session. And when i got home, i found some good news:

I only rarely read my horoscope, and when i do, i always dismiss the ominous ones as crap and the good ones i tuck away in my memory for a rainy day. This one, though, really hit the spot. I feel like everything i'm doing at the moment is building up to some sort of climax that will make some huge difference to my life. Work has great potential, craft has great potential, the boy's work is slowly gaining momentum, the sun will soon come out (i hope!).

Which all means that i feel like i'm looking forward to something but i have absolutely no idea what it is. Christmas, perhaps!

On the craft front i decided the time was ripe for some tidying up - sewing in strands on some knitted squares for a blanket (possible christmas present) and making some citrus slice for the boy to munch on when he gets back tomorrow. Does that count as craft? I dunno. And i have to come up with a stamp design to be made up by next wednesday so i can stamp all our cards amd send them off to Taupo. Hmm that doesn't leave me much time, does it?

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