October 18, 2007

hello, friday!

I am at work. it is 4pm on the cusp of Labour weekend. The sun shineth. The office is very jolly and due to said jolliness i have consumed far too many chocolate peanuts and dried mango.

I have been sitting on the same piece of work for the past several hours trying to figure out how to make it look fantastic and have been failing miserably.

Plans for the weekend:

I would really like to go somewhere nice to test drive the tent but i am extremely aware that every time my car ventures out on to the road this weekend my risk of being in an accident is multiple times higher than normal, so i think we'll be saving that for another, non long weekend.

By the end of this long weekend i will also have found out if our cards are to be stocked in a gallery in Taupo, if the answer is yes, i will be strongly motivated to go on a recce to see if some local places will host our creations. Nothing like positive reactions to make you push yourself a bit further.

It is now 4.09 pm and only 51 minutes till i go home. woohoo!

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