October 12, 2007

great ephemera

I realised that i totally forgot one crucial magazine from the magazine post, and it is one that i see many times a day. Is not magazine lives on our kitchen wall. We bought this double A0 poster magazine in Melbourne last year. A group of aussies get together, write and draw some stuff, get it printed and paste it up alongside band posters and advertisements on the street. You can also buy your very own copy from a book shop that i forget the name of. I love its simplicity and its massiveness. If anyone is keen to help me set up an NZ (or wellington at least) version, let me know. I'd be fully keen.

aaaandd...i bought the readymade book! woohoo for Borders - i got back to work from my lunchbreak yesterday to find a nice wee surprise of a '40% off any book' voucher in my email. So as soon as i finished work I bought it for my hot little hands. Very happy. Only problem is that whilst in borders, i also discovered that i really want Jamie Oliver's new cookbook that includes how he grows his own vegies, which is also $55, and another craft book that's around the same price. Why is it that all the books i want right now are $50? Top of my list is still Bend the Rules Sewing (which Borders doesn't stock). All in time...

this is cool. i went for a bike ride this morning- a nice long one where at one point i was struggling so bad against the wind a snail passed me on the road. Hehe.

And last but not least are my sweet new vegies. We have a minute section at the flat so it's all about pots. I literally just planted them, despite the wind's attempts to blow me and the plants away. I've always been adamant that i don't 'do' gardening, so this is one big experiment. We have cocktail tomoatoes, beetroot, mixed brassicas and mixed lettuces. I just checked on the worms too and they have eaten SO much this past week and have had loads of babies. Which is a relief as i was getting a tad worried. Woohoo for new hobbies! (yes, i am still crafting.)

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