October 7, 2007

ahhh relaxing at last...

It's been a pretty full on weekend - two early mornings, the market, the boy's birthday, the rugby (oh, shame). I have to have my two cents about the rugby - and no more, promise. Yes the All Blacks should have won, and it is terribly sad, but it could have been worse. And if you put our ability in perspective - just think if Australia had to pick their national team from the population of Melbourne alone - which is essentially what NZ has to do - They would suck. So we are awesome, and we know it with or without a trophy. Big ups guys, you did the best you could on the day. Life goes on.

So enough writing - here's some photos!

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to the market on saturday, we had heaps of fun! If anyone is interested in cameras, cards or ipod covers, send me an email :)

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