September 29, 2007

upside downside

Last night was fantastic. All the cliches - good food, good friends, good drinks. Lots of laughing. A very positive reaction to a prototype gift card given as an IOU birthday present.
But the boy also went out and drank too much to drive home, so i had a very lonely sleep. Whenever he's missing it makes me grumpy - it just isn't the same without him.
And the first day of daylight savings time has come up a crapper - wind, spitty, overcast. Ugh. It's not meant to be like this. This time last year daylight savings day was beeeeeeaaaautiful - the boy's birthday, golden sunlight, long day drinking beer and then practically carrying the (by then very drunk) boy home. Oh well. So we are devoting the rest of today to crafting. Finishing our stock of cards for the market next week and finishing off a whole load of pre-cut ipod covers for the same. it's definitely an inside day. I'll take photos, promise.

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