September 17, 2007

Daffydils and tamarillos

Has anyone bottled the smell of daffodils? Oh, how I would love a room spray that made the lounge smell of them. It’s a shame noone really grows them in their gardens in Wellington. I think something I will do when Spring pops up next week is buy me a wee pot and plant some daffodil bulbs. Or am I too late??

I seem to have become re-obsessed with chocolate covered peanuts. Mmmmmmmm they are so good. Probably shouldn’t eat as many as I just did, but I figure I have been very good so far today so it shouldn’t be too big a deal.

The other thing I’m a little obsessed about is tamarillos. For some reason, when I was a kid, we only ever ate them with sugar. I’m assuming mum was aaving us from the tartness – but now I prefer them without. It’s the colour, the taste, the shape, the texture of the skin…everything. I was a little bit naughty and bought some fabric at lunchtime – I went hunting for it again in Arthur toyes and I had that gut feeling you get when you know that if something is sold out you will be gutted and totally regret it – so I found it and bought some. Woohoo.

I kept meaning to post over the weekend, but was all distracted by sewing. Successes of the weekend - two pin cushions and a bag that I am super stoked with. Am very proud of myself. There is a reason i've named this blog 'iffycraft' - i can't seem to sew perfectly. There's always something that is a bit messy in all that i do, and it drives me nuts. Not that it stops me.

Am at work so no photos at the mo - will post some tonight. :)

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