September 19, 2007

Scones and Judy Bailey

My head is all full of scone. Hmm I just like the thought of scone and jam. Maybe next time I think I want one I should just think about it instead – of sunshine, scones with butter and jam, crafty times. That’s what I like about them most. Always good memories with scones. Weekend lunctimes when I was a kid and mum would make a plate, butter them up and put them out for everyone. The fun that is making them at home. Scones and soup, especially corn chowder.

Last night at dinner I discovered I wasn’t the only one who has absolutely fallen in love with Trilogy rosehip oil. Apparently it’s what keeps Judy Bailey looking incredible after all these years, and I’m hooked. Not only does it make my skin look amazing, but it’s pure and organic – there ain’t nothing but rosehip oil in there, baby! The price tag is a bonus – only about $21, and it’s made by a New Zealand company. Now that’s gotta make you feel good.
And a special tip – swipe some on your scars and it will fade them faster.

A bit of randomness, but hey, why not? I'm looking forward to another tv-less evening of crafting and hanging with the boy - hopefully will have some pics to post tonight. Am off to WOW tomorrow with my Grandma for the first time, and am super excited. Post soon!

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