September 23, 2007

I Heart Jose Gonzalez

I heart Jose Gonzalez. I really do. He's helping me thru the day...

Gosh, I feel ass today. Is it the weather? A delayed hangover? Or is it because I haven’t done any exercise today? I think I need toast.

The weekend was brilliant. I can’t believe how much we fit in, and yet it didn’t feel rushed or busy at all. Nice and cruisey. Here’s how it went:

Friday night: pizza at Mum’s and then to WOW, with a wee drinkie in between. It was pretty incredible – at least, the garments were. Not so impressed by the show. (But that’s my critical events eye for you!)
Lolly cake on the way home with the boy, and late to bed…
Saturday: nice lazy sleep in, breakfast in bed, washing and then off to the warehouse to buy plastic tubs before going to red rocks. The boy biked, I ran. It was marvellous and refreshing. Then we went to Pukerua Bay to buy worms, and back to the boy’s parents to borrow a drill and put together our worm farm (hence the plastic tubs earlier). I’m so glad we finally did it – it’s been in the back of my mind for so long, and now we have about a thousand new pets to eat all our food scraps.
Then it was off home for showers before going in to town for a friend’s dinner. Let’s just say it was drinks all round. Which takes us to Sunday…
Sunday: Get up at 10.30 and decide the time is ripe for a hangover brunch at Eva Dixon’s (go the two for one Entertainment voucher!). On the way home we decide the boy needs new shoes via a nosey at the bike shop where I…buy a bike! My goodness, what am I on? But it is a beautiful Sarah Ulmer bike and I love it. Shoe shop was closed, after all that!
Back at home I bake a cake and make pincushions for my friend who comes over for afternoon tea, which is lovely and relaxing. Then the boy begs a headache to go back to bed and I head out on the green machine – that is my new pair of wheels. It was just fantastic to finally have my very own bike to ride, and I even went up hills on it. This is seriously major when one considers that I have never successfully biked up a hill in my life. A spot of soup for dinner, then a play with the bike while I put lights on it, and early bed.

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